More intelligence.
More possibilities.

The program from Latin America’s most
experienced accelerator.

When the entrepreneur’s intelligence is combined with A.I. solution, IBM Watson, the possibilities are endless.

Apply to Ahead | IBM Watson, Startup Farm’s acceleration program with IBM.

This is the first startup acceleration program focused in A.I., cognitive technology and blockchain.

We will select up to 10 best startups to work alongside IBM Watson. Startups from any industry and in any stage will be evaluated, giving preference to those who use cognitive technology, A.I. and Blockchain in their product or services.

The program

Ahead | IBM Watson is Startup Farm’s acceleration program with IBM. A more powerful structure, smarter and with more possibilities to resolve, improve and transform the problems of the world.

There are 3 modules that will be closely assisted by both Startup Farm and IBM.

Laser Focus.

”Full-life” immersion so you work focused on building your business model, supported by Startup Farm and our wide network of mentors, partners and investors.

Module 1

in são paulo

Get Sales done

The main goal here is to sell, sell and sell a little more through our directed contents and weekly analysis of your sale strategies. Also, some other contents are seen in more depth, such as metrics and OKRs.

Module 2



Throughout the three modules, there will be several contents, keynotes and talks with influencers so we can make your startup go even further. There will be subjects such as: high potential team formation, mission and purpose, how to have a global view, finance, marketing, advisors and board, VC, legal matters, HR, sales, value proposition validation. Everything to make your startup go ahead.

Fundrai- sing.

”How much capital do I need in the long run? Where and how should I raise money?” These and other questions are answered in this phase, which will bring fortnightly contents and checkpoints. In this module, your startup will continue to work on the development of the product or service, aiming always at improving your metrics and performance.

Module 3


4th Edition.

The program Ahead is for startups from any industry and stage. The proposal is to instigate projects with more aptness and possibilities to generate real solutions.

Laser Focus16/09 a 20/10

Get sales done21/10 a 01/12

Fundraising22/12 a 30/03

DemoDayto be determined



Bene- fits

This batch selected startups will have access to IBM Bluemix’s programs, allowing them the possibilities to create, implement and easily manage apps in the cloud.

That way, the selected startups will be able to create solutions with IBM development platform, that include cognitive technology, like Watson and Blockchain.

And also, founders will have close monitoring from IBM’s mentors and executives in order to help with the upcoming solutions.

Your startup will have access to up to US$ 700 k in tools from our partners


Finan cial.

Farm will be able to invest up to R$ 150 k for up to 5%, according to the startups valuation on the next investment round. The bigger the valuation, the bigger the investment.

We will assess your startup with 80% the next round investment valuation, with a maximum of R$ 3 million.


Valuation R$ 2M

Investments up to R$ 80k / 5%

For instance, if your startup raises an investment with valuation of R$2 million, your valuation will be considered R$1,6 million (80% of R$2m) and we will be able to invest up to R$80k for up to 5%.

Valuation R$ 3,75M

Investments up to R$150k/5%

Now, if your startup raises an investment with valuation equal, or superior to R$3,75 million, your valuation will be considered R$3 million, allowing us to invest up to R$150k for up to 5%.

Startup Farm’s cap, regarding financial participation, is 5% up to R$150k, plus 5% for the economical participation

R$ 150 k

Econo mic.

The economical investment will be done considering the program itself, the access to the contact network, benefits from partners, access to big companies, coworking space and visibility to accelerated businesses. As a result, for Startup Farm’s intangible investment, the selected company will give 5% of equity.



  • ● In which stage my startup must be in? There is no requirement to have clients or billing. We accept startups from early stage to those who have billing.
  • ● I applied to another edition of the program but wasn’t selected, can I apply to Ahead | IBM Watson anyway? Absolutely! We encourage entrepreneurs to apply again.
  • ● Where do the first 5 weeks happen? São Paulo SP
  • ● Will I get US$700k cash? No, you will get US$700k worth of tools from our partners.