We want a K!ck@s$ team, with strength, enthusiasm, stamina, guts and an awesome Project!

We will select up to 15 startups from any industry. We will evaluate the team's execution capacity, the project's level of innovation and the impact that the startup can bring to the market it proposes to operate.

Applications must be done here completed here until January 29th of 2017

Results will be disclosure on the week of February 20th.

Ahead is Startup Farm’s new Acceleration Program. A new way, like the name says, putting your company ahead.
There are 3 modules
A full life immersion for founders, so they can focus on building their startups’ business model, with the support of Startup Farm and a wide network of mentors, partners and investors,
Get Sales DoneREMOTE
The goal here is to sell, sell, and sell some more. Through directed content and weekly analysis of your sales strategy, and the deepening of metrics and OKRs.
How much investment do you need? Where are you going to get that? This module will bring you content and fortnightly checkpoints. during this phase the startup will continue to work on developing the product and/or service, and also improve their performance.
Throughout the 3 stages, keynotes and much more material will be covered, such as: high potencial team making skills, global vision, culture, finances, advisors and board, legal matters for startups, HR for startups, communication, PR and of course, your mission and purpose.
Ahead 2 will be aimed at startups from any industry. The entrepreneurs will have access to large companies, like Visa and IBM, and specialists from startup's market. The projects will be accelerated at the headquarters of Startup Farm, in Campus São Paulo, Google.

Laser Focus
01/04 to 05/05
Get sales done
13/05 to 23/06
01/07 to 05/10
Demo day Futurecom
The startups we select to join our program will have acess to the best pack of benefits offered from an accelerator in Latin America. Yes, you can compare!
Your startup can have access to up to US$ 700k
Farm will be able to invest up to R$ 150 k for up to 5%, according to the startups valuation on the next investment round. The bigger the valuation, the bigger the investment.

We will assess your startup with 80% the next round investment valuation, with a maximum of R$ 3 million.
Valuation R$ 2m
Investments up to R$ 80k / 5%
For instance, if your startup raises an investment with valuation of R$2 million, your valuation will be considered R$1,6 million (80% of R$2m) and we will be able to invest up to R$80k for up to 5%.
Valuation R$ 3,75m
Investments up to R$ 150k / 5%
Now, if your startup raises an investment with valuation equal, or superior to R$3,75 million, your valuation will be considered R$3 million, allowing us to invest up to R$150k for up to 5%.
That being said, Startup Farm’s cap, regarding financial participation, is 5% up to R$150k, plus 5% for the economical participation.
The economical investment will be done considering the program itself, the access to the contact network, benefits from partners, acess to big companies, coworking space and visibility to accelerated businesses. As a result, for Startup Farm’s intangible investment, the selected company will give 5% of equity.